About Us


1. Friction Screw Press (Down stroke) – 30 Tons to 800 Tons cap
2. Pneumatic Friction Screw Press (Down stroke) – 30 Tons to 800 Tons cap
3. Forging press (Up stroke) – 50 Tons to 500 Tons cap
4. Billet Shearing Machines – 50 mm to 175 mm Sh cap

We are Manufacturing these Machines Under We’ll Known/We’ll Established Brand Name ‘Rattan Forgings’ and ‘Rattan Heavy Engineers’ From Last More than 55 years. Rattan Hammers and Rattan Heavy Engineers are our sister concern units in Ludhiana Punjab India. Our companies are ISO certified. Our products are technically very advanced. We are Manufacturing our Machines as per International Standards. We have very good in-house advanced Mother Machinery / Infrastructure. We believe in the best so we have excellent team of engineers in our Companies who results in manufacturing very high end accurate machinery at very reasonable prices.

We have large Number of Satisfied Customers in India and Abroad, Who are Already Enjoying our Services and using Our Products at Fully Satisfactory levels. Industries related to Autoparts, Cutlery, Tractor parts, Cylinders and Valves, Defence, Railways etc are all our customers and using our high quality machines.

The Core Founder of the Group is Late S. Rattan Singh Ji, Followed by Late S. Pyara Singh ji. It is their Efforts and Hard work that Our Machine Enjoys Enviable Reputation and Demand Throughout India. Their Legacy is Now Carried Forward by Mr. Karamjit Singh Who has Developed Machine to International Standard and Now Exporting Machine to Different Countries.

Friction Screw Press –

We are Manufacturing these Machines from 30 Tons to 800 Tons capacity. These machines we are manufacturing these days of two types i.e
(A) Friction Screw Press 

(B) Friction Screw Press with all Pneumatic Operating Systems, with Pneumatic Ejection System, PLC control panel.
This type of presses are used for hot/cold forging both as per requirement. Friction Screw Press is better option to Forge Brass Components, Cutlery, Auto Parts, Gears, Tractor Parts, Aluminium Components, Fasteners, Valves and many more. 

Forging Press (Up stroke) or Vincent Type-

We are manufacturing Forging Press from 50 ton 500 tons capacity. Forging Press are mainly used for lengthy jobs for example lengthy bolt heads, valves, jack heads etc.